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Plenary Speakers
Plenary speakers ignite new ways of thinking and inspire you to provide even safer patient care.

Sunday, January 29

Stories from the Heart

Many of us have taken part in a healthcare simulation exercise and know the feeling of confidence it can bring. We understand that the knowledge gained can lead directly to improved patient safety, a change in our life, or even save a patient’s life. This is an incredible concept and many of us have a tale to tell. Come join us during our Opening Plenary Session to hear the powerful stories of how simulation has helped save a life! (#29095, 1.50 CR.)
1. Discover how simulation can impact a medical professional’s career
2. Explore the ways that simulation has saved a patient’s life
3. Become reenergized in your practice by hearing how simulation positively impacts the work we do everyday
Speaker(s): Mary Holtschneider, RN-BC, BSN, MEd, MPA, NREMT-P, CPLP, Chan Park, MD FAAEM, US Department of Veterans
Affairs, Durham VA Medical Center; Elisabeth Hughes, MD, Scott C Watkins, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville,
Tennessee, USA; Emily Marko, MD, FACOG, CHSE, Neil Patel, BA, Helen Stacks, DNP< RN-BC, NEA-BC, CHSE, Inova Fairfax Hospital,
Falls Church, Virginia, USA; Stuart Bertsch, University of Cincinnati, CSTARS; Nancy Dinon, Michael Cheatham, Orlando Health,
Orlando, Florida, USA; Mary Mancini, RN, PhD, NE-BC, FAHA, ANEF, FAAN, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington,
Texas, USA
Production Coach: Jason Economus, BA

Monday, January 30

Shawn Achor

Lou Oberndorf Lecture on Innovation in Healthcare Simulation

Most companies and schools follow this formula: if you work harder, you will be more successful, and then you will be happy. This formula is scientifically backward. A decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive at work first, actually fuels greater success second. In fact, 75% of our job success is predicted not by intelligence, but by your optimism, social support network and the ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way. By researching top performers at Harvard, the world’s largest banks, and Fortune 500 companies, Shawn Achor discovered patterns which create a happiness advantage for positive outliers—the highest performers at the company. Based on his book, The Happiness Advantage (September 2010 from Random House), Shawn explains what positive psychology is, how much we can change, and practical applications for reaping the Happiness Advantage in the midst of change and challenge. (#29051, 1.25 CR.)
1. Define the concept of positive psychology
2. Outline one strategy for positive change in the workplace
3. Describe a potential impact of positive psychology in a team environment

Tuesday, January 31

Regina Holliday

Michael S. Gordon Center Lecture on Medical Education

This inspiring keynote, presented by artist Regina Holliday, will challenge the simulation community to consider the role healthcare providers play in improving the patient experience. Backed by her own patient and caregiving experiences, Regina will explore how simulation can play a role not just through improved patient safety and outcomes, but in identifying those circumstances that impede and sabotage the experience from the patient’s perspective. Where are the systems and institutional flaws that not only cause medical errors, but poor care coordination, lack of access to crucial care information, and impassivity by caregivers? Ms. Holliday travels the globe heralding her message of patient empowerment and inclusion in healthcare decision-making. She fearlessly stands before officials and practitioners demanding a thoughtful dialog on the role patients play in their own healthcare. She also uses her talents as an artist to create murals and artwork that depict the struggles and problems of current patient healthcare policies. Her patient advocacy movement “The Walking Gallery,” in which medical providers and advocates wear “patient story” paintings on the backs of business suits, brings this important message home to providers everywhere. Become inspired to reimagine the patient experience through a new lens, and find creative ways to enrich the healthcare experience for the people who are at the heart of all we do – our patients. (#29047, 1.25 CR.)
1. Identify an issue that could create a negative patient care experience
2. Describe how an improvement in the patient’s experience of care can impact patient care outcomes
and safety
3. Outline one possible simulation strategy to help providers enrich the patient experience
Speaker: Regina Holliday

Wednesday, February 1

Laura Mansfield

This unique keynote presentation, customized for IMSH, will engage the audience in a personalized exploration of heart-centered leadership and patient care. Join us for this interactive experience, which will include stories gathered throughout IMSH 2017, collected from you, the attendees, and developed to remind us of the reason we do what we do in healthcare simulation. Laura Mansfield has spent the last 20+ years studying the art of storytelling, leadership, and the human experience. Her work as a film documentarian has led to both Emmy and Telly awards, and her presentations, given around the world, focus on the importance of heartcentered leadership and the human need to connect to something bigger than ourselves. She is passionate about courageous conversations, something simulation professionals experience everyday, and the power of bravely telling authentic stories, which allow us to move from our head to our heart when dealing with clients, patients, colleagues and ourselves. Laura will utilize her rich experiences, and documentary production background to create a one-of-a kind inspirational message for us as we return home, and work to keep patients at the heart of simulation. (#29052, 1.00 CR.)
1. Describe a “brave conversation”
2. Relate the importance of authenticity when communicating with patience, colleagues and ourselves
3. Identify a heart-centered leadership strategy to integrate into daily work in healthcare simulation
Speaker: Laura Mansfield