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Improving Patient Care Through Multi-patient Simulation

Bellin College

In today’s society, Multi-patient injury incidents are becoming more common. In order to prepare students to safely manage and provide quality care to each patient in this type of event, Bellin College developed a Multi-patient simulation scenario. Working together with area fire and EMS responders; local emergency department nursing staff; radiology and nursing faculty; facility staff; and simulation and technology specialists, a simulation event revolving around a fire and partial building collapse was developed.
This scenario involved 37 victims (32 sophomore nursing students and five manikins) with moulage representing minor to life-threatening injuries. As part of the simulation, 23 senior nursing students worked with area EMS to evacuate victims from the smoke-filled disaster area using flashlights; provide triage; transport to appropriate disaster care areas; and provide needed assessments and interventions. Area emergency department RNs assisted the student team leader and other students in each care area with leadership, organization, prioritization and delegation. Fifteen sophomore nursing students assisted with obtaining patient data, completing needed interventions, and transporting individuals (six radiology students) to and from radiology for, as needed, x-ray, CT, or MRI. Faculty were available in all areas to assist where needed. Student, staff, EMS, and faculty feedback reflected the “realism” of the event and the importance of communication, teamwork, and collaboration in order to provide quality patient care. Students who were victims commented on “how real” the situation felt to them and the “fear” that they had felt while waiting to be rescued. All participants commented on how this simulation activity helped them understand the “chaos” of a real event, and assisted them with feeling more prepared in providing safe patient care should a Multi-patient event occur.