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My Experiences with SSH

I got into the healthcare field because of the death of my father when I was 19, and because of my personal interest in the field. Because of my autism and complicated grief, I am addicted to patient simulators and task trainers!
When I was young, I used to watch medical shows on TV. I had a goal in life to go to a medical convention and, at the age of 20, I got the chance to go to IMSH 2016. I used my life savings to attend. I thought I would have the world’s largest grief attack as soon as I stepped into the exhibition hall. Low and behold, that did not happen. Instead, I felt very understood, hopeful and positive! I knew I was ‘home’ because people understood me and had similar interests as me. What stood out the most about IMSH 2016 was getting to voice my opinion on simulator death in the class, “Death of the Simulator, Benefits and Consequences,” and getting to meet the exhibitors and simulation manufacturers—in particular my favorite simulation company, SynDaver Labs of Tampa, Fla.
Simulation saved my life and I stand here today because of it. Better together, we can improve healthcare and patient safety for all.