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Simulation at Faculty of Medicine, UNAM, Mexico

Faculty of Medicine, UNAM, Mexico

The introduction of technology in medical education has established itself as one of the most important pillars for a doctor to acquire the medical skills needed in patient care. This creates a direct impact on the quality of care, safety, and satisfaction of the patient and his family. Performing clinical simulation allows us to maintain a deliberate practice in insurance for the student, where the integrity of any real patient is not damaged. The simulation center of our faculty receives more than 50,000 students throughout the school year, from undergraduate to graduate students in various areas of health. We perform more than 2,500 practices throughout the year, with more than 50 scenarios. In addition, extracurricular courses—neonatal care and CPR—are taught. Through these practice simulations, we provide experiences for students to achieve comprehensive and safe care of their patients’ health management. We learn and teach how to save lives with integrity. Please watch our video.