6 April - 11 May 2019 Individual exposition in Galeria Juan Risso Madrid, Spain
April 2019 Publication of the book "Ariane"
February-March 2019 Individual Exposition of Paintings Juan Risso Gallery, Madrid, Spain
January-December 2018 Show of Paintings Expo Punta Art, Punta del Este, Uruguay
November 2017 Interview with Oliver
November 21, 2014 Group Show of Paintings Wonderbread Factory, Washington, DC
December 2014 Group Show of Paintings Yellow Barn Studio, Glen Echo, MD
October 2005-January 2006 Small Sculptures HPGRP, Delicate Kinship, Tokyo, Japan
July-September 2005 Exhibition of Drawings Eat Records, NYC
December 12-14, 2004 Group Show of Drawings Wamp Collective, NYC
November 3-6, 2004 Group Show of Paintings Art Show, MD
August 14, 2004 Exhibition of Paintings Neo-Con Street Fair, NYC
December 2003 Group Show of Paintings Brooklyn Publik House Show, NYC
February 2001 52 Min. Collaborative Video Void, NYC
February 2001 52 Min. Collaborative Video Luxx, NYC
March 2001 52 Min. Collaborative Video Boogaloo, NYC

“Jewelry Flatters Urbanization,” INS & OUTS, July-August 2006: 30-31
“Brooklyn Publik House Show,” 11211 MAGAZINE, December 2003: Volume 3, no.3
“Loud and Clear,” GREENPOINT GAZETTE, December 2003

CARMEN: In New York at the time Ariane was there, was there a kind of artistic movement that she belong, like the French with the impressionist or something like that?

OLIVER: The defined title of an artist movement and its structure normally is written by an art historian after the time so it’s not really something that the artist figures out for themselves. It’s somebody anywhere from a few years, like 25 years later, who designates this group of artists is called X. Read More